For the Real Estate professional, education never ends. From the day they begin the course work to become a licensed agent to the day of retirement, education is always a part of the requirement.

At WGAR we offer classes in Pre- Licensing for those wishing to pursue a career in Real Estate, as well as Continuing Education to allow our members to meet the Pennsylvania required hours. For our new members we provide the Orientation for New Members to acclimate them to the available resources provided by the National Association of REALTORS® (NAR) and the Pennsylvania Association of REALTORS® (PAR) as well as an understanding of the Code of Ethics that governs all real estate professionals and the consequences of violation of this Code.

Quadrennial Ethics courses are also made available to allow all of our REALTOR® members to meet the required refresher course every four years.

We consider Education one of the most important building blocks to make our Association be one of the finest in the area.  We strive to bring the most up to date topics and the most informed instructors to the members on a regular basis.  Coming soon we plan to also host informational events for the public at large.

Becoming a Real Estate Agent

How to’s
2017 Code Of Ethics
Steps to Becoming a Real Estate Agent

Where to go for classes

Pennsylvania Real Estate Academy
Washington-Greene Association of REALTORS®
Career Growth Real Estate School
Polley Associates
Alan Kells School of Real Estate


Designations and certifications
Realtor Designations and Certifications
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